Sunday, November 19, 2006

Family Caregiving 101

Neffiti Picks! in Health:Support_Groups: 44 million people in the U.S. care for an adult who is chronically ill or struggling with age. Nearly 90% of these caregivers assist family members; more than half continue to hold down a full- or part-time job while doing so. Two years ago, the National Family Caregivers Association and the National Alliance for Caregiving launched a campaign designed to assist and bolster the people who give so much of themselves while supporting others. Family Caregiving 101 is an integral part of that endeavor. It offers practical help in managing at-home, ad hoc nursing, including navigating the healthcare maze and taking care of yourself. It circulates stories from caregivers across the country. It details signs of stress in overworked individuals. It answers the top 10 questions asked by family and friends engaged in such guardianship. And, perhaps most importantly, it says again and again: You are not alone.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Miniature Earth

Neffiti Picks! in Society: Issues: The magnititude of the world can be overwhelming. How massive is the number of impoverished people? What percentage of the overall population lives in urban areas? How vast is the threat of AIDS? It's hard to put things in perspective when the numbers are so large. The Miniature Earth gives a clear vista by reducing the global population to only 100, while keeping statistics the same. The effect enables us to see the differences on our planet more clearly, and perhaps consider how our actions can impact humanity. Where do you live in the smaller community? In the project's final words: "Appreciate what you have. And do your best for a better world."

Monday, November 06, 2006

Leonardo da Vinci's Animated Illustrations

Neffiti Picks! Arts:Visual Arts: Forget da Vinci's code, his notebooks are mind-boggling enough. And now that the Victoria and Albert Museum has translated nine of his drawings into mini-movies for a major exhibit of his books, the animated results are nearly divine. A human heart throbs, a church rises from the ground, and a beam of light moves slowly across a man's face.

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New Feature: Neffiti Picks!

Neffiti Picks! is the new feature which will allow us to choose the hottest, most interesting sites from our directory and publish them weekly on Neffiti blog. Stick with us for the upcoming Review Hits from the Neffiti Picks!.

Monday, August 07, 2006

I use IWebtool ( to determine the future and current pagerank. According to it, Neffiti will get PageRank 4 with the very next update. This prediction is 83,3% accurate. Higher PageRank of Neffiti will reflect on the sites located within the directory. Most likely all those sites' PageRank will directly benefit from Neffiti.

Name it as the One More Reason to submit your site to our directory.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

With the latest Goggle PR update, our directory scored 2. Pagerank 2 is a good start. With the database growing, the directory gets more and more backlinks. Therefore, it will certainly get higher page rank with the next update. Needless to say this will benefit all those web sites in the directory. This is one more valuable point to submit your site in our directory.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Completely redesigned the directory. Added some options including page rank.
This morning we added the link name to the notification email robot. From now on the confirmation emails will contain the approved (or rejected) site names. This was done due to the multiple requests from the submitters. Thank you.
Neffiti Directory has more than 5000 pending links in the database. We are working on clearing the backlog. We review dozens of the new submissions daily. In addition to that, we daily dig into the old submissions. We will keep you posted on the progress. Please avoid submitting the junk links. Junk sites are:
- a site with an address that redirects to another address
- sites with illegal content
- sites "under construction."
- sites consisting largely of affiliate links (adsense, e.g.)
More rules regarding submission can be viewed at